Specialists in Fork Truck Services


Specialists in Fork Truck Services

Smyths Forklifts are a family run business in operation since 1987.  We pride ourselves on supplying you with the best solution for your individual requirements. Smyth Forktrucks are providers of both new and used fortktrucks.   All forklifts come with a customised warranty so that you can have every confidence in your purchase.   You can choose a fork lift that runs on Gas, Diesel or Electric.  

If you are unsure of what type of forklift you need, we are happy to advise you depending on your requirements.  

We can also provide you with everything you need for your existing machines such as servicing, service parts such as filters, bearings, lights, batteries, tyres etc.  

If you have staff that you want to get certified training for, we can also organise that for you too!  

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