Specialists in Fork Truck Services

Other services that Smyth Forklifts Provide

We specialise in the overhaul of engines, transmissions/hydraulic systems.


Maintenance of your forklifts is of paramount importance.  Service requirements depend on a variety of factors such as workload being handled by the fork lift, terrain being worked on etc.  

We can schedule a service of your equipment in line with your work requirements.  We can advise how best to keep everything running safely with minimum disruption to your company.  


We can supply and fit any parts for your existing machinery regardless of where you originally purchased it.  We can fit you out with Tyres, batteries, bearings, lights, etc. Just let us know the model number and serial number of your forklift and we’ll source it for you.  

Wire Guidance System

We offer a complete wire guidance system installation service custom built to your requirements.  Our specialist staff is at hand to discuss your needs relating to wire guidance.  Just give us a call!

Driver Certification

So you have your forktruck in your premises but you don’t have any staff certified to drive it.  No problem, Smyth Forktrucks can help you out with this one too.  We can organise certified training for your staff.  We can also provide training and certification to your staff on site (at YOUR premises). Again, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Forklift Hire

You can hire forklifts from us for long or short term use.  Choose from a vast selection of quality vehicles. For further information on our hire packages, please give us a call. Click HERE for our contact details!

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