Specialists in Fork Truck Services

Smyth Forktrucks

have an extensive range of forktrucks on our premises at all times (up to 100 units).  We can provide you with either new or used vehicles, from 1 to 20 tonne, run on Gas, Diesel or Electic.  Why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities available depending on your budget and requirements.  

The popular brands that we deal with are Hyster, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and Daewoo among others.  

When deciding on the right forktruck for you, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What sort of weights you want the forktruck to handle?
  • Height Required – How high do you want the forklift to go?
  • What type of surface will the forklift operate on?
  • Will it be used daily, weekly, monthly etc – what sort of workload will you need it to work with?
  • What budget are you working with?


The above is just a guideline.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further.  We can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages associated with Gas, Electric and Diesel powered forktrucks.  We have every confidence that we can provide the right solution for you as we have done for many satisfied customers over the years!

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